I’m sick of this one and this new one will be more “personal”…

I might use this blog again some day but for now, I won’t be!

Thanks to everyone who ever followed me, it means a lot!

I loved Tumblr so much before: it provided me with lots of laughter & a place to get out my emotions.  

It also allowed me to meet one of my best friends, Rebekkah. Seriously, go follow her amazing blog!

So this is goodbye to this blog, it’s been fun/sad/hilarious. 

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me circa now

Miss me?

♡ B U R N I N G  U P  A  B I B L E ♡

♡ B U R N I N G  U P  A  B I B L E ♡


Dark Paradise.


Dark Paradise.

25 days and 12 hours


the closer we get, the more specific I will be.


space love 1

xoxo, the waffles girls